Danish food with respect for raw materials

​Restaurant Puk is a Danish cuisine that exudes love for the good Danish cuisine. With your feet firmly placed in the traditions and an ambition level to make the meal more than just food, but for a sensual experience, it is our wish that you go from here a little more happy than when you entered our cozy living room.

For many of our regular guests it is a bit like coming home when they come down here. Because we have a cozy and nice time, while we cook your food in the kitchen, and the homely atmosphere reaches the table and hangs over the meal as a scent of hometown and reminiscent of past days. Because when food is prepared with love, it can be tasted and felt. And that's probably why so many of our guests come back year after year. We look forward to welcoming you too!

New buns on the classic soup

On August 1, 2015, Uffe Andersen joined Restaurant Puk. It is with great respect and desire that he is part of the century old pub that specializes in classic Danish food. Uffe Andersen is originally a trained chef in the French kitchen's sublime haute cuisine. But even though he does the French gastronomy's craftsmanship and is an excellent specialist in the Italian wines, his heart has always beaten an extra blow to Danish cuisine.

Uffe has grown up in the countryside at Møn with a father who bred pigs, so he has a thorough knowledge of the quality of the meat as a key factor for the meal experience. Uffe therefore knows that the raw material is important, but more importantly it is to be able to do its craft. Knowing how to treat the raw material and produce the essence of the raw material requires a craft. A craft like Uffe masters and which he demands to perfection from his chefs.

As a child he often stood with his nose down in mother's pots, and here he learned that the secret of the perfect meatballs is a wonderful mix of craftsmanship and love. Because as Uffe says, "Father's food tastes best when mother has touched it".


Uffe has since 2008 also had Klintholm Gastronomy, a popular catering that has a good reputation for being able to fulfill virtually all the wishes their customers come with. Every day they deliver company breakfasts to over 1,100 people. But Klintholm also makes fabulous food for weddings, christenings and other great moments of life. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us her.


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