Drinks at Restaurant PUK

We not only go into our food - we also go up to what is to be drunk for it. That's why we have a large selection of beer, water, wine and schnapps.

Uffe is a wine expert - you can always get wine that suits the food

We have carefully selected our wines so that they emphasize the taste nuances of the food so that the experience of the food is lifted to new heights. Our own boss, Uffe, is an excellent connoisseur and you are always welcome to ask him or one of the servants for advice when choosing the wine. If you are lucky, you can even meet some of the special wines from Uffe's own wine collection.

Beer and snaps - it is Danish at its best!

We have a large selection of beers, both bottled and pearly fresh from dish, especially we are proud of our own Puk Special from Krenkerup. 

No herring without snaps, well? We always have between 40-50 different snaps, aquavites and firewood, both Danish and foreign and they are served either temperate or chilled. So we certainly have one or more that fit your palate. Remember to drink a good brandy for the cheese - it just does something about the experience. See beer card - see schnapps card.

Coffee is needed after a good meal

After a proper meal it can be good to finish off with a good cup of coffee or tea. Here, too, we do not compromise on quality, ask our servants and then we make the coffee that suits you best. We would really like to recommend our Irish Coffee, it can be a welcome way to finish a good dinner.


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