​Restaurant PUK

A classic Danish restaurant since 1750


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Den lille julemenu serveres alle ugens dage, kun til frokost, fra kl. 11.30 til kl. 15.00.
Der serveres ikke ala carte fredage og lørdage

Classic Danish restaurant
in historic setting

Restaurant Puk is a classic and historic Danish restaurant in the very heart of Copenhagen.

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen with a history dating back to 1750. In the late 19th century King Christian VII and his mistress were regular guests in this charming establishment.

You can enjoy all the classic Danish dishes here in very charming surroundings. Every morning our chefs prepare homemade food, that is made with love and pride for tradional Danish cooking. Everything is made from the ground, using only the best product from local Danish farmers.

Classic Danish food - Great ingredients and skilled chefs

At Restaurant Puk we make food with the heart. We carefully choose our raw materials, we know our butcher, and we know how classic Danish food should taste.

The love of traditional Danish cuisine is the focal point for us, so here you get freshly smeared sandwiches, the warm Danish dishes with all the good accessories, but also specialties and new classics. We make our food from scratch and we do this because it tastes best.



We also offer outdoor dining

Sit in the sun for a while, enjoy the sound of the water rippling in the beautiful fountain of 1910 and feel the sun's rays in your face. Here you can sit in one of Copenhagen's charming breathing holes, while enjoying your lunch, a good glass and feel the life slip past.

The Fountain of Water Art, or Wand Art as originally named back in 1770, is part of Copenhagen's oldest history. And now you can sit here and enjoy your sandwich bread and everything your heart desires of classic Danish food at a Danish restaurant in the heart of Inner City in Copenhagen K.

An historic Danish restaurant un old Copenhagen

As you enter the door of Restaurant Puk, you enter a part of the history of old Copenhagen. In the year 1539 the Royal Brewery was housed in this building. And in a marvelous way, the building has survived many of Copenhagen's fires and waged up over time. So that today you can step into our cozy old cellar with original ceiling beams is a bit of a miracle that we are so happy about.

For since 1750, herring, pork and brandy have been served in our cellar - and that is still the case. Then you should pamper the palate with classic Danish food of high quality, then come down to us and hear the walls whisper a little about the history's history, while you take a good traditional Danish lunch that both saturates and makes you happy.


Restaurant PUK

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10.00​ - 23.00


10.00​ - 23.00


10.00​ - 23.00


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10.00​ - 23.00


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