Classic Danish

Christmas Lunch

PUK’s Traditional Danish Christmas Menu

Fra 11.11.23 til 30.12.2023

PUK’s crown herring with dill cream, spiced Danish akvavit & piment d’Espelette.


Curried herring with semi-soft boiled eggs, caperberry, apple & onion.


Cured salmon with dill dressing.


Fried plaice fillet with remoulade, lemon & dill.


Eggs & hand-peeled sea-boiled Greenland prawns with mayonnaise, dill & lemon.


PUK´s pork sausage with kale a la cream.


Danish traditional duck with red cabbage, sugarcoated potatoes & Christmas sauce.


Vol-au-vent with chicken in creamy asparagus sauce.


Danish pork roast with pickled red cabbage & cucumber.


Traditional “Risalamande” with warm cherry sauce

Price per cover
595 ,-

Must be ordered by the whole table.

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